Flavors at the Peak of Meat

Gürkan Şef, one of the leading names in Turkey's gastronomy world, known as the Jönü of Meat, is breaking new ground in the world of flavor! We are here with our new brand developed to offer you a magical meat experience: "Steak Food By Gürkan Şef."

With years of experience and passion, Gürkan Şef has unlocked the secret of meat and is bringing this delicious adventure to all corners of Turkey. "Steak Food By Gürkan Şef," will be a true oasis for meat lovers. So, what distinguishes our brand from others?

Perfectly Cooked Meats: Every piece of meat cooked by Gürkan Chef offers a perfectly cooked, flavorful experience. Each bite brings out the unique aroma and warmth of the meat.

Carefully Selected Ingredients: Our brand is based on selecting the highest quality meats and processing them with care. We only work with the freshest and best quality ingredients.

Variety: Our menu offers something for every palate. In addition to meat, we have special side dishes with different flavors and unique tastes.

Branches are opening across Turkey: "Steak Food By Gürkan Şef" branches are rapidly spreading all over Turkey. You can join this flavor adventure by visiting our branches near you.

New Name of Flavor: "Steak Food By Gürkan Şef," brings a new dimension to the taste of meat. We offer an unforgettable dining experience by combining traditional flavors with creative touches.

Meet Gürkan Chef's magical culinary art and discover the most delicious form of meat with "Steak Food By Gürkan Chef". We are waiting for you at our branches. Are you ready for a journey full of flavor?

Discover the limits of flavor with "Steak Food By Gürkan Şef". The first choice for those looking for the best meat is Jönü of Meat Gürkan Şef.

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"Franchising Opportunity"

Are you ready to join the "STEAK FOOD BY GÜRKAN ŞEF" family? This unique brand, which bears the signature of Gürkan Chef, the Jonu of Meat, offers an opportunity that decorates the dreams of flavor lovers.

Who Are We?

"STEAK FOOD BY GÜRKAN ŞEF," is a special brand that represents the pinnacle of meat and flavor. Gürkan Chef's unique culinary art and years of experience make this brand a paradise for meat enthusiasts. We are currently offering franchising opportunities to bring the chef's amazing flavors to more people on this road that we started with 3 branches across Turkey.

Why Us?

Superior Quality: We work with the highest quality ingredients selected by the leaders of the meat industry. Each dish is based on Gürkan Chef's special recipes.

Advanced Training: Our franchisees are supported by extensive training provided by Gürkan Chef himself and his team. They will prepare you in the best way in both business and culinary matters.

Brand Recognition: Gürkan Chef's reputation helps your business start and grow. Our brand name is synonymous with flavor and quality.

Competitive Advantages: Our special menu and unique concept will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

What do we expect from you?

Passion for flavor and a high work ethic
Passion and aptitude for business management
The desire to proudly represent the brand "STEAK FOOD BY GÜRKAN ŞEF"
Don't Miss the Opportunities!

Join the "STEAK FOOD BY GÜRKAN ŞEF" family with our growth potential in Turkey and worldwide. Be a partner in this unique flavor adventure and write your own success story.

Contact us for more information and discover our franchising opportunities:

Phone: 0 532 403 97 84 E-mail: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

As Gürkan Şef and the brand "STEAK FOOD BY GÜRKAN ŞEF", we look forward to collaborating with you. Step into a future full of flavor!