Who is "Gürkan TOPÇU" aka Gürkan Şef ?

Gürkan Şef was born in Denizli. After completing his high school education in Denizli, he came to Istanbul and studied food and beverage management at the Kitchen Academy. Gürkan Şef completed his culinary training at the recommendation of his teacher. The master chef went to Italy for an internship, after receiving his degree in European and African Cuisine. Then he returned back to Turkey. He found out that cooking meat dishes was meaningful and important for him while he worked for various meat companies. 

He took butchery courses at England Meat School to receive a detailed education on meat. Thus, he became Turkey's first certified butcher. His TV programs, competitions and workshops are followed with great interest. After returning to Turkey in 2014, he opened his first steakhouse restaurant, which he was dreaming of for a long time, in Nisantasi. After his success with the restaurant, Gürkan Şef opened his second restaurant in Etiler in May 2017, and now serves with his steakhouse restaurants in Dubai, Mecca and Riyadh also.

Using his vast knowledge and experience in both the field of culinary and restaurant management accumulated through years, Gürkan Topçu focused on creating innovations and discovering different tastes in the industry. Countinving to work Gürkan Şef implemented the Gürkan Burger Project after Mr. Gürkan Steakhouse and Pastavicio brands. He opened his first “Mr. ASADO BURGER” restaurant at Arnavutkoy Pier, in Istanbul. Attending to each detail from designing the concept to implementing it, Gürkan Topçu is excited to rapidly bring this project to an international scale and prove that a Turkish brand can be successful abroad also.

Gürkan Şef, who set out in 2014 with a world-class service approach, makes a name for himself as a meat master who exits this geography and thinks about the people, culture and tastes of this geography. Bringing a completely different style to meat with its taste and presentation, Gürkan Şef continues to successfully come out of every project he puts into practice. The new venue Gürkan Burger, whose works were completed in 1 year, serves with its strong kitchen and service personnel. The place, which is designed  wooden elements in its plain decoration, offers its delicious menu with Gürkan Şef’s branded friendly service understanding.

Mr.gürkan Steakhouse Mr.Asado Burger, Mr.Gürkan Kasap Butcher, Gürkan Burger and Pastavicio    currently under the gürkan group of companies are located at 35 different location in Turkey and abroad. Emphasizing that they will show their claim in the sector by opening more than 10 branches at home and abroad within a year, Gürkan Şef said, “Experience is very important for those who will serve in the food business. Our door is open to candidates who have an entrepreneurial soul and ambition to succeed, have business background and management experience, and have the financial resources required by the investment”