Gürkan Şef Franchising

Gürkan Burger and Pastavicio Franchising

Gürkan Burger & Pastavicio by Gürkan Şef with its special decoration, expert kitchen and service team, delicious menu and easy-to-apply business model, it aims to grow as chain branches in Turkey, the Middle East, Europe and America in a short time. The target is to reach 100 branches in 5 years. We are setting up minimum 120 maximum 250 m2 shops at our Franchise model. Shops should be opened in shopping malls or streets with crowded with vehicle and pedestrian traffic. There should be an area around every shop with enough business potential for takeaway.

Mr Asado Burger Franchising

Mr Asado Burger is the place that will push the boundaries of hamburger taste and is a first in the world with its burgers made of tandoori meat. At Mr Asado Burger, hamburgers with special recipes, whose recipe is only at Gürkan Chef, are prepared and served by baking tandoori meat. It is the first application in the world as a concept. Unlike standard burger restaurants, it consists of combining "ASADO" meat, which has a special cooking technique, and special sauces with the burger concept.

Mr. Gürkan Franchising

“Gürkan Şef”, which has become a reliable and solid brand in Turkey as the artist of the  meat, continues to make a sound with his new brand. The master chef, who has proven his success all over the world since 2014, also well knowns  the world cuisine and is one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to Steakhouse. “Gürkan Şef” continues to break new ground with his vision, quality and stance. Gürkan Şef, who is interested in its design, application and the smallest detail, is proud of proving what a Turkish brand can achieve in the world for the 3rd time with his new project Mr Gürkan Steakhouse. Gürkan Chef has brought a brand new breath to the sector with his new generation steakhouse concept that appeals to all customer groups.