A Little Ash and a Little Smoke with Gürkan Şef

Starting again on TRT1 on January 28, 2024!

Gürkan Şef, the Jönü of Meat, returned to TV screens with a new programme like a bomb. The first episode of the programme was broadcast on Saturday, 10 June 2023. In the programme where famous guests, surprise recipes and dishes related to meat will be shared every week, you can learn Gürkan Chef's secret recipes that are not even in his restaurants.

In addition, Gürkan Chef will have a surprise celebrity guest in every programme. Continue to follow us for a programme where you will cook great flavours at the barbecue and a pleasant conversation will take you away...


The Neverending Story


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A Little Ash A Little Smoke

Gürkan Şef is on TRT1 Screens!....

A Little Ash A Little Smoke with Gürkan Şef will be on TRT1 Screens every Saturday.

Steak Food By Gürkan Şef

Gürkan Şef's new brand STEAK FOOD BY GÜRKAN ŞEF is starting to meet you. First in İstMarina and Vadi Istanbul Shopping Malls in Istanbul, followed by Ankara and Barcelona branches in Spain.

Fire Games with Gürkan Şef

Fire Games are starting again. The shooting of the fire games with Gürkan Şef, one of your favorite TV programs of our Gürkan Şef, has started. It will be with you very soon...